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HQES: Your Advanced File Folder Supplier

Custom file folders are very useful for organizing papers and documents in a more compact way.

HQES custom file folders with paper materials are also called paper document folders. HQES has C1S paper, C2S paper, matt paper, brown kraft paper, assorted colorful paper, and more available for your customized file folders. All these papers are of high quality and recyclable, hence eco-friendly.

HQES is one of the premium file folder manufacturers located in China. We have been dealing with custom file folders for over 10 years. HQES not only customize blank file folders but also specialize in manufacturing printed file folders for you.

HQES has complete printing processes to get your file folders custom printed. HQES has full colors offset printing, silk printing, UV printing, foil stamping, and so on. For the extra decoration requirements about logos, words, and graphics of customized file folders, HQES has additional manufacturing processes for full customization. Our capability includes embossing, shaped die-cutting, glittering, flocking, texture, lamination, and many more.

custom file folder with embossing

Custom Capabilities on File Folder

  • Foiled Printing: a new layer of texture brilliant your file folder
  • Lamination: will let your file folder be much stronger
  • UV Printing: let your logo be 3D coating feeling on the file folder
  • Embossing: words will feel like engraved on your file folder

File Folder:

HQES is also a professional file folder supplier since we can customize file folders with different types of binders. Our product options include hole punched binder file folders, snap-in binder file folders, screw-in binder file folder, ring binder file folder, and many more. HQES has a stable and good relationship with suppliers offering a variety of binder accessories to us.

As the certified local factory from China, HQES also custom makes other types of file folders such as pockets expanding file folders, hanging file folders, interior file folders, tabs file folders, and many more.

All these file folders are custom made with durable and quality paper materials. Please note that HQES also custom makes different sizes of refill writing paper sheets for your file folders.

HQES is a reliable file folder manufacturer trusted by clients from all over the world. HQES not only sticks to high quality, ensuring each file folder is custom made as perfect as possible, but also insists on improving manufacturing processes of file folders, making sure you get the most competitive prices.

For all volumes of custom orders from small quantities to bulk file folders or wholesale file folder orders, you will always get the best customer services, on-time delivery, and quality warranty from HQES.

File Folder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality folders for your business.

Well, in this guide you will find all information you need about these paper folders.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is A File Folder?

This is a type of folder made of thicker and dense stock to organize and safeguard documents and loose papers.

The file folders have tabs to help you locate the filed documents faster and easier.

The file folders are used to store documents according to their use and how often they need to be accessed.

File Folder

File Folder

How Is File Folder Different From Pocket Folder?

A pocket folder is designed with inbuilt pockets for storing files and documents.

Depending on where and how you will use it, the pocket folder can be fitted with a single pocket to three pockets.

The file folder is not fitted with pockets for storing files or documents. The documents are placed inside the folder, which safeguards them.

File Folder

File Folder

Pocket File

Pocket File

What Are The Types Of File Folders?

  • Fastener folders; This folder will keep your files secure since they are held with long and flat prongs.

Fastener Folders

Fastener Folders

Documents held in these folders are required to be hole punched at the top for the prongs to go through them.

  • Classification folders; Are manufactured to hold many files relating to a single topic.

Classification Folders

Classification Folders

  • Hanging folders; These folders have been designed to hook into your filing cabinets and slide backwards and forward.

Hanging Folders

Hanging Folders

It will enable you to check through hundreds of files without upsetting the order of arrangement.

What Are The Material Considerations For File Folders?

File folders material is significant since it gives the folder its overall look and also durability.

When it comes to choosing your folder stock, always be sure when considering the weight and thickness.

For example, when you choose thin stock for a presentation folder, it will droop when held in one hand, and this does not give a professional impression.

But folders made from more substantial stock will give you a sold and professional-feeling since they can hold themselves under simple gravity.

Also, ensure that the stock used in your file folders is not too heavy because it is prone to cracks when folded or scored.

What Are The Advantages Of Paper File Folders?

  • Easy to understand; The paper file folders generally are easy to understand. The folders are arranged in many ways that are, by topic, alphabetically, by location, or by order of importance.
    Therefore, by going through the files, you will figure out the filling system being used if, initially, you did not understand it.
  • Accessibility; Your paper file folders are kept in a central physical location. By doing so, you can access the location at any particular time and search for a particular file until you find it.
  • Security; For paper file folders, their data is secured since only authorized people are allowed in the file room.

Also, to access your file room to get your data will be a big hustle compared to electronic file folders hence guaranteeing you that your data is secure.

Are File Folder Tab Sizes Important?

File folder tabs are used in labelling the file folders.

The sizes of the tabs are essential and also dependent on how you will label your file folders.

For longer headings and classification, you will use the straight tab since the tab is more extensive, and you can use it for lengthy label items.

The straight tab is a ½ cut tab meaning it will take half the width of your file folder.

For alphabetical and storing of the purposes of your record, always use the right-cut tab.

This tab is a 1/5 –cut tab, meaning it will only take a fifth of your folder width.

What Are The Tab Options For File Folders?

Tab cuts are used to describe the sizes of your file folder tabs.

The size of your tabs will determine the type of labels that best suit your file folder.

For half-cut tabs, they are best when you want long labels as they take up half the width of your file folder.

Whereas fifth cut tabs are majorly used for alphabetical and numerical labelling of your file folders, take up one-fifth of the width of a file folder.

What Are The Available File Folder Sizes?

Standard File Folders

Come with an organizational tool that will display the information inside the file folder, making it easy to identify it in a crowded cabinet.

You can incorporate your standard file folders with both horizontal and vertical pockets as well as a reinforced edge.

The standard size file folder is a 9’’ by 12’’ folder.

Legal File Folders

It is a 9 ½ ” by 14” sized file folder suitable for storing your legal documents.

It has tabs on the one side of the folder, which provides you with easy storage in the file cabinets.

Also, the tabs of legal folders come in different positions. This will help you in the organization as different tabs will represent different content.

What Are The Considerations In Choosing File Folder Sizes?

Folder Size Vs Paper Sizes

The paper size should be smaller than the folder size so that the paper documents fit nicely inside the folder and are well protected by the folder.

Stand Out And Be Unique

The standard folder size is 9” by 12”. You can customize yours to be 10” by 12”, which is larger than the standard size and will stand out from the rest.

This means that your folder will be distinguished faster in the crowd of folders.

This does not mean that the standard size will not get the job done.

Closed Vs Open Dimensions

Dimensions of a closed file folder are not the only gauge of how much of the space designed you have to work with.

The closed dimension is important when you want to store or send your files and documents.

For open dimensions, it looks oversized and may also sound extra wide.

Let’s take a look at a 9” by 12” file folder, which is regular when closed but looks extra when open because its dimensions will be 18” by 12”.

Depending on the paper size and where you will use the folder, you can apply either closed or open dimensions.

What Are The Elements Of Effective File Folder Design?

Touch And Feel

Durability of the file folder are very important because you want the folder to stay in good shape for a more extended period.

Always use high-quality stocks to give your file folders a professional and polished look.

Solid Design

Your file folder design should always be simple and effective, and not unnecessarily complicated.

This is because you want your file folder to convey an indirect message manner.

Always ensure that your choice of folder style will inform your printed design.

Also, use a little text in your design and maximally use the printing area of the folder.

Ensure you are specific with the placement of the company logo and contact details on your file folder.

Target Audience

You should create file folders to accomplish tasks they are meant to, and by doing so, your file folder achieves its objective.

If it is a presentation folder, for example, being presented before investors, ensure that your design has cooperation that will have achieved its objective.

Relates To Its Content

Your file folder should always lead into its content.

That is, it needs to match with its information so that it does not confuse those who will contact it.

Why Are Reinforced Edges And Rounded Corners Preferred For File Folders?

File folder edges are the highly stressed areas of the folder.

The stress is easily manifested through wear and tear for low-quality file folders.

Also, for folders with sharp squared edges, the corners will look a bit ragged and dog-eared after being used for long.

For rounded corners, the case of it being ragged or dog-eared due to extended time of use is a non-issue.

Reinforcing the edges of your file folders makes them very strong and more resistant to damage.

Therefore, file folders with reinforced edges and rounded corners are a mark of high quality. Since they will last longer and the overall creases and tears are minimal.

Which Is Better Between Screen Printing And Pad Printing For File Folders?

In screen printing, you will use a mesh stencil where ink is transferred through it to your file folder.

Images printed using this process look sharp, of high quality, and clean on the file folder.

The method is inexpensive, very fast and gives excellent ink opacity on the folder.

However, the process is not suitable when working on getting great details on your file folder.

Whereas pad printing will involve you transferring ink from a silicone pad to the file folder

When comparing the two, pad printing is a more modern process than screen printing.

Pad printing will provide excellent resolution and be suitable if you want fine details on your folder.

However, it is more expensive, slower, and has limited ink opacity.

Depending on your budget, both processes are okay and work to turn ordinary objects into colorful art and are suitable for printing file folders.

What Are the Advantages of Printing File Folders in Full Color?

  • It brings out dashing design possibilities; The best feature of a file folder printed in full color is the total amount of graphic design possibilities at your disposal.

The full color will make your logos leap off the page, and your photographs pop on the file folder. It will also allow you to create colorful text effects that are eye-catching.

Enables you to show your product; Full-color file folders will enable you to show off your products through pictures instead of using words to tell how great they are.

Help in color branding; Full-color file folders will enable your company or business to express its identity through a specific color scheme.

If the color branding is successful, it means one glance at the customer’s file folder. They will be able to identify the company it represents.

Mass appeal; Colors excite our senses and revive our imagination meaning that full-color file folders have a greater mass appeal.

Also, having full color in your file folder will create a dynamic look on file folders, making them more engaging with our audience.

Gives alternative color stocks; Through full-color printing, more colors are made available.

For example, if you want your folder to have a particular shade of color and cannot find its match, you can always use a white stock and the color to achieve the desired shade.

How Does 4-Color Process Vs Spot Color Printing Compare?

4-color process and spot color printing both will give you high-quality printing and ensuring the price is reasonable.

The results from the two printing methods are remarkably different; therefore, you can tell which process was used by looking at the results.

The 4-color printing process applies a full-color comic strip, and images are made up of tiny colored dots.

You use four different colors of dots, which, when put together, form a broad spectrum of hues.

This is how the 4-color printing process produces high-quality images.

It is an expensive printing method but the best when printing extremely detailed illustrations made up of four or more colors.

Spot color printing will transfer your solid fields of already pre-mixed ink onto the page directly.

By doing so, the color remains identical to each print that you run.

The spot color printing design contains a limited number of colors, and each can only be applied one at a time on the desired surface.

Images created using this process tend to be bright and flashy but are limited to their use of color applied.

This method is less expensive and a popular choice when it comes to printing your company logos and simple illustrations.

When choosing a printing method, you are advised to choose one that matches your needs and your budget since both methods are a good choice.

What Is The Difference Between One And Two-Sided File Folder Printing?

It is vital to differentiate between one-sided and two-sided folder printing before ordering your file folders from your manufacturer.

When you are talking about one-sided printing, it means that your file folder is printed on the outside or the inside only.

For two-sided printing, it simply means that your file folder is both printed on the outside and inside.

One-Sided File Folder Print

One-Sided File Folder Print

Two sided File Folder Print

Two-sided File Folder Print

Which Is The Best Way To Add Custom Logos On File Folders?

Custom Logo File Folder

Custom Logo File Folder

Depending on how you want your custom logos to look and your budget, of course, here are the best options you can use to add custom logos to your folder.

  • Foil stamping; you can apply this to your folder with logo printing to add a shiny metallic effect that is attractive and eye-catching to the target audience.
  • An embossed logo; helps you create a raised texture effect that can be felt with your fingertips. This method helps your logo stand out from everything else in your file folder design.
    The process itself is less expensive compared to using ink and gives you an expensive touch of class.
  • Four color printing; this option allows your logo to be as detailed and colorful as you desire.
  • Spot color printing; provides a more dynamic and overflowing color to your logo.

What Are The Available Coating Finishes For File Folders?

  • Aqueous coating; You use a quick-drying sealant that is water-based to protect your folder from smearing. The process is long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous Coating

The main disadvantage of the process is that it does not provide your folder against water and any other liquids.

You can use the following aqueous styles of coating on your folder

  • Gloss; Gives a smooth, shiny and reflective surface to your file folder.
  • Matte; Reduces the reflectiveness of the folder but maintains all the coating benefits.
  • Soft-touch; This style will give your file folder a soft and suede feel.
  • Satin; Gives your file folder a velvet appearance.
  • Laminating coating; This coating provides very high levels of durability.

Here, your file folder is encased inside layers of powerful plastic film.

The coating protects your file folder against natural wear and tear and gives the folder a professional and polished look for a long duration.

  • UV coating; Your file folder is covered with chemicals that have been treated with UV light making them dry quickly, giving them a shiny and dramatic look.

This coating will prevent ink from smearing but will not increase the folder’s durability by much.

UV Coating

UV Coating

  • Spot coating allows you to apply it only on a specific section of your file folder design, and the other parts can be coated differently.

You can use this coating for texts and other design elements.

Which Accessories Do You Provide For Custom File Folders?

  • Spine attachments; Increase the folder carrying capacity by allowing you to insert more documents without the fear of them falling out.
  • Stitched brochures; Allows a brochure to be stitched directly to the spine of your file folder, keeping it secure and fixed.
  • Belly band; Will secure the contents inside your file folder by enveloping around the cover and fastening in the back with a tack tub.
  • Portfolio; It beautifies the outside of your file folder and protects the folder to ensure smooth transportation in and out of the offices.

Custom File Folder

Custom File Folder

Do File Folders Use Recyclable Materials?

Yes, since they contain recycled fibres and incorporate a percentage of previously used materials.

These are the environment-friendly options available in the use of file folders.

Are Paper File Folders Dirt And Water-Resistant?

Yes, a selection of paper file folders will offer excellent protection against liquids, making them water-resistant.

Also, some paper file folders have antimicrobial properties, which are dirt resistant, and this type is suitable for use in hospitals and busy offices.

Paper File Folder

Paper File  Folder

What Are Some Factors To Consider When Buying File Folders?

  • Durability; Go for file folders that can serve you for a longer duration to avoid purchasing folders now and then, making it even more expensive.
    This means you should not go for the cheaper option as it will not serve you appropriately.
  • Size; Most people make the mistake of buying the wrong sized folders.
    Always ensure that the folder that you buy fits well in your file organizer or cabinet.
  • Volume; Ask yourself how many documents do you require to fit in your folder. Always think of the volume of the file folder before buying, and will it be suitable to hold the volume of your files or will your documents be left out.
  • Color; for brightly colored file folders come in handy when coming up with an organized filing system. Always do a quick research on the color that you want for your file folders since other colors are hard to find in stores.

What Is The Cost Of Custom Printed File Folders?

The cost of custom printed folders differs depending on the type of file folder.

Besides, the cost ranges between 0.26 US dollars to 0.68 US dollars.

Depending on your specific needs, HQES will customize all your file folders to specific needs of your customers.

Contact us today for all your file folder needs.

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